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Brush Dump/100% Tree Recycling

Our brush dump/tree recycling site is open Monday through Saturday during daylight hours! We are approved by the City of Rochester, Olmsted County and State of Minnesota as Designated Receiving Site for trees affected with Dutch Elm Disease (DED) and Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

Brush Dump Fees:

Car/Family Van$10.00
Pickup (top of bed) $20.00
Pickup (heaping)$30.00
Trailer $6.00 per cubic yard

We have an enclosed, self-service pay shed for your convenience and security!

CURBSIDE pickup service is available for home projects or large commercial jobs. Prices range from $100.00-$400.00 depending on volume.

Please Note Acceptable and Unacceptable Items:

Branches & tree trimmings
Untreated lumber
Untreated landscape timbers
Treated lumber
Railroad ties
*Grass clippings
*Bagged leaves
*Composting materials

*COMPOST materials can go to Olmsted County Compost Site, 305 Silver Creek Rd NE, Rochester.

Hathaway tree service 100% tree recycling
Hathaway tree service 100% tree recycling
Hathaway tree service hardwood mulch
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Hathaway tree service hardwood mulch
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Hathaway tree service 100% tree recycling
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